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Products and Technologies

AMHS is built on the basis of technical strength and trust Zunxin AMHS

Zunxin AMHS

Maximum efficiency system
for semiconductor production processes

Production Process Effciency System

An automated return system for world-class semiconductor manufacturers is developed and provided by the enterprise. Our innovative products increase the efficiency and productivity of semiconductor production processes,Provides stability and accuracy.
The following are our main products:


For semiconductor workshops, airborne automated transfer equipmentThe automatic delivery of FOUP is completed through the control of material scheduling system (MCS)


The main function is to transfer silicon wafers across floors. The advantage of Lifter is that it can perform these tasks quickly and efficiently in an automated manner. This helps

Loop Carry

It is suitable for clean room of semiconductor production factory, three-dimensional automatic handling lineVertical handling system for elevators to move items to and from the elevatorThrough the assembly system with

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